Robert Gill is an Austrian collector of historically and culturally relevant vehicles. 
His passion started back in his smallest childhood when he saw allied soldiers driving from their military base to their military training area, throwing sweets to the people in post-war Germany.  

Our Story

After the liberation of Austria in 1955 the Americans left their equipment and their vehicles. With those machines the Austrians could found the Austrian Army called "Bundesheer". When the "Bundesheer" startet to sort out their "old" cars in the late 60s - early 70s, Robert´s interest in engineering and technique was that big that he started to buy these cars from the government. Due to that he began with motorsports and started with a Jeep Willys in trial competitions. His passion and love to off-road vehicles increased with every second he drove so that the whole collection grew and grows. Nowadays it is the biggest private non-armoured military vehicle collection in the world with the aspiration to save cultural important techniques.

To distribute our historical and technical knowledge we decided to lend the cars to museums, cultural events, exhibitions and movies around the world.